Getting Around London
Your comprehensive guide to public transport in London plus walking, cycling, driving and more
Oyster card
London is best travelled by the Underground Tube network.
Buses are a convenient way to travel around London

Wether travelling by the tube or the bus, get around London for less money .

The sheer size and scope of London can make travel pretty intimidating for visitors. Even the act of travelling around Greater London can be daunting for the first time visitor.

London is the capital city of England. It is one of the major tourist destinations and a hub of global transportation. London public transport includes: London Underground; London Buses; River Services; Docklands Light Railway; Tramlink; National Rail.

Bus and rail networks in Britain are very well developed, offer frequent and efficient services and provide access to the rest of England. By the tube and buses you can go to all London airports (Luton, Stansted, Gatwick, Heathrow, City Airport).

Kids' Travel Discounts -- Children under 10 (accompanied by an adult), travel free on public, including Tube, Overground, DLR, bus, and regular rail services. Children in this age bracket who look older than 10 should carry photo ID.

Children aged 11 to 15 carrying a 11-15 Zip Oyster photocard travel free on buses and trams, and pay child fare on Tube, Overground, DLR, and regular rail services -- up to a maximum of £1.30 for unlimited off-peak journeys in one day. To obtain a Zip Oyster photocard, apply online at There's an administration fee of £10, and you'll need to upload a photo. Postage is free to U.K. addresses, and overseas visitors can arrange to collect their card at any Travel Information Centre.

It's the same for anyone aged 16 to 18. The 16+ Zip Oyster photocard gets you single tickets at half the adult price on bus, Tube, tram, and Overground services, as well as child-fare Travelcards.

Journey planning

To plan a journey by Tube, bus or train within London, use Transport for London's Journey Planner:
(1) Go to and click on "Journey planner"
(2) Enter the day and time you want to travel, your starting point and destination
(3) Click on "More Options" at the bottom if you want to make some special requirements for the journeys
(4) Click on the "Submit" button
(5) The four fastest options will be shown. Click on "Show these route details" for full information.


Online maps of Tube stations are available at:
One of these maps shows only the Tube stations, while another also shows train and tram connections in central London.
You can obtain a free printed copy of the Tube map at an underground station or at a Travel Information Centre.

To see a street map of the area around an underground station, choose "Tube Map" from: Click on the part of the map in which the station is located to zoom into that area, then click on the station name.

To find out about bus, tram, river and DLR connections at each underground station, click on a station's name on the interactive map at:

To find out about train connections with the Tube, see the "London Connections" map on the Network Rail website:
You can obtain a free printed "London Connections" map from major train stations in London.

Service problems

It is wise to check if there are problems with Tube services before you travel, especially if it is important to arrive on time.
Problems with the normal services are common. Planned engineering works are often carried out at weekends or on public holidays: replacement bus services should operate, but journey times may be much longer than normal.

London Underground Transportation

London Bus Transportation

The London Tube System is the oldest metro system in the world. It is a combination of various formerly independent train services.

Buses are a quick and convenient way to travel around London, providing plenty of sightseeing en route.

London Train Transportation

London Cab Transportation

Travel by regular "above ground trains" which link London to its suburbs and the rest of England.

London's black cab drivers must memorize some 25,000 streets near Central London, and learn the quickest way between points.

London Riverboat Transportation

London Tram Transportation

Riverboat services are popular with visitors and commuters, being a great way of beating the traffic and enjoying the view.

Trams are new to London, quick and easy way to travel around. Currently only from Croyden and South London.

Bicycle On Foot

Anyone can rent a bike from any of the hundreds of docking stations dotted around the center from Whitechapel to Olympia .

Touring on foot is the best and cheapest way to get to know London. Arm yourself with a map, or a smartphone with Google Maps app.

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