London by Trams

Trams are new to London and are a quick and easy way to travel around certain areas. At the moment, they only serve Croyden and South London. They are not caught up in traffic jams – trams have their own path and thus adhere to their timetables.


Trams run about every 10 minutes during the day, every 20 minutes after 19:00 and every 30 minutes after 23:00. These times are doubled on Sundays. The last trams depart between 00:00-01:30 depending on route.

There are 3 tram routes in London:

  • Croydon (South London) - Elmers End (Southeast London)
  • Croydon (South London) - Beckenham Junction (Southeast London)
  • Wimbledon

First/last trams

The first trams run from around 04:45 Monday to Saturday, and 06:50 on Sundays. The last trams leave at around 00:00 every day.

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