London by Above Ground Train

Docklands Light Railway (DLR) - The DLR runs an independent driverless service to the newly developed Isle of Dogs. A recent extension to the DLR runs under the Thames to Greenwich and beyond to Lewisham.

The DLR links to the London Underground at Tower Bridge, Tower Gateway, Canary Wharf, and Bank stations, and zone fares are the same as on the tube. However, there are a series of passes good only on the DLR. For example, the "Docklander" costs just £2.50 and allows unlimited travel on the DLR, but is only valid after 9:30AM.

Suburban Trains - Some areas of London are better served by trains than the tube, notably the northern suburbs. The North London Link stretches from Richmond across northern London to North Woolwich. Another useful rail service travels from Hampstead Heath to Kew. Often these suburban trains are cheaper than similar tube trains and leave the traveler closer to popular tourist destinations.

There are 10 mainline rail stations in London, and each serves a different area of the country. Here's the breakdown:

Charing Cross
South-east England
North, north-west England, Scotland
King's Cross
North London, Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire, north and north-east England, Scotland
Liverpool Street
East London, north-east LOndon, Stanstead Airport, East Anglia
London Bridge
South-east England
North-west London, Chilterns
South Wales, west England, south-west England, south Midlands, Heathrow Airport
St. Pancras
East Midlands, south Yorkshire
south England, south-east England, Gatwick Airport, Channel ferries
South-west London, south England, south-west England


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