Lost Property on the London Transport

Have you lost something while travelling in London?

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There are over 160,000 pieces of property lost on the london Transport each year. Mobile phones and umbrellas are the most common items lost, while false teeth are also plentiful. The other common items are books, bags, and items of clothing.

However stuffed puffer fish, human skulls, breast implants and a lawnmower are some of the unusual items the Lost Property Office has received over the years. But the most unusual item to arrive at the TfL Lost Property Office was a coffin!

If you've lost something, while travelling, this is how you can claim it back.

Any property found on buses or the London Overground (trains) or the Tube may be held locally for a couple of days and then sent to TfL's Lost Property Office. Property takes between two and seven days after it was lost to reach the Tfl's LPO.

Property found inany London taxis (black cabs) is handed over to a local police station by the driver before being forwarded to TfL's Lost Property Office. Property can take up to seven days to arrive when sent from police stations.

For property lost on river services, trams, coaches or in minicabs, contact the operator directly.

If it is two days you have lost your property you may telephone or visit the relevant bus station where you lost your property. Property lost on Docklands Light Railway is kept in the Security Hut at the DLR offices at Poplar station, which can be contacted 24 hours a day on 020 7363 9550. Lost property is held at Poplar for 48 hours, after this period it is then forwarded on to TfL's Lost Property Office.

For any items sent to TfL's Lost Property Office you can use the TfL lost property form online at tfl.gov.uk/lpo to find out if your property has been found.

When reporting the lost property, do be as specific as possibe and provide a detailed description. You will need to include any unique characteristics of the property as this will ensure the greatest chance of success.

TfL's Lost Property Office

Lost property enquiries are searched for a period of 21 days from the submitted date of loss. All enquiries will be responded to whether or not they have been successful. If you follow up on an enquiry, please ensure the operator is aware of your original enquiry.

If you are picking property up for another person, their written authorization will be required. Personal Identification will be required in all cases of property collection.

TfL Lost Property Office
200 Baker Street
Telephone: 0845 330 9882 (8.30am-4pm), Monday-Friday, except bank holidays)

Charges are made for restoring property to customers. These range from £1 to £20 depending on the item. For example, an umbrella would be £1 and a laptop £20.

Lost property is held for three months from the date of loss. After that, unclaimed items are disposed of. Most are given to charity but higher value items are auctioned, the proceeds of which go towards the cost of running the lost property service. No profit is made.

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