London's Gardens - Green Park

Green Park: is one of the Royal Parks of London. It covers an area of about 53 acres (21 hectares) and lies between Hyde Park and St. James's Park. Together with Kensington Gardens and the gardens of Buckingham Palace, these parks form an unbroken stretch of green open land from Whitehall to Kensington. Green Park has no lakes nor any statues or fountains and consists entirely of wooded meadows.

Lovely place for a picnic with friends and family. Cheap deck chairs can be hired for that authentic English summertime experience.

Green Park is so-called because of the absence of flowers. However, the natural undulating landscape of grass and trees has a spectacular display of daffodils in the spring.  Its mature trees and grassland offer a tranquil retreat from the congested centre of London and its leafy paths a popular venue for early-morning joggers from the Mayfair hotels. 

History: The park is said to have originally been a swampy burial ground for lepers from the nearby hospital at St James's. It was enclosed in the 16th century by Henry VIII, when it formed part of the estate of the Poulteney family. The park was also known as a duelling ground; one particularly notorious duel took place there in 1730 between William Pulteney, 1st Earl of Bath and John Hervey, 1st Earl of Bristol.

Underground Stations: Green Park Tube (4 minutes) , Hyde Park Corner Tube (9 minutes)
Railway Stations: Victoria Railway Station (14 minutes), Charing Cross Railway Station (21 minutes)

Opening Times:  24 hours

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